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Clean Up the World

Clean Up the Coastline 

Veraldarvinir's Clean Up the Coastline (CUC) project aims to clean the beaches of Iceland within 5 years by collecting waste in collaboration with international volunteers, school children, students, youth and environmental organistions and businesses. The majority of this will take place in over 30 two-week workcamps around the coast of Iceland. Besides cleaning the coastline, we also want to teach people about environmental issues and prove that taking care of the environment can be loads of fun. The cleaning events will not be boring work but fun filled, action packed activities that go along with games, music, art and education. Furthermore, we want to launch research projects investigating the garbage we pick at the sea shore. We want to know more about the characteristics of the garbage, its harmfulness and its origins.

Veraldarvinir is supported in its Clean Up the Coastline project by the Ministry of Environment, the Farmers Association, the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland, the University of Iceland and the international organisation Clean Up the World.

Picture2Clean Up the World Project 

The Clean Up the Coastline enterprise is linked to the Clean Up the World Project, a global, community based environmental initiative that motivates and enpowers individuals and organisations to take part in clean up activities. The project has been running for 15 years and is partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which annully mobilies 35 million volunteers from 120 countries The Clean Up the World campaign brings together business, schools, community groups and governments together to take part in a range of activities which make a positive impact on local communnities. The Clean Up the World weekend takes place on the 16/17th September. For more information, visit

Outline of the CUC Project: 
End of April:Clean up event with international individuals taking part in the Falling Walls Moving Cultures seminar. 
End of May:World environmental day clean up event with work camp leaders, youth organisations, environmental organisations and other people willing to help. This is scheduled to happen on 27th - 28th May.
June until AugustSeveral clean up events on Saturdays for companies and other organisations interested in an extraordinary team building experience. 
June until SeptemberClean the coastland in more than 30 two week long work camps with international volunteers at various different locations around Iceland. 
End of August:Clean up the coastline with schools in Reykjavik. Teaching about environmental issues in classes. 
August and SeptemberChildren create art work out of garbage in classes. 
16th / 17th of SeptemberOpening of the garbage art work exhibition in Reykjavik.Show information posters about the CUC Project and photos of the work camps. Celebrate a cultural event with music, art and food. 
Until the end of September

Two weeks of exhibition in Reykjavik


 Information for Partners



Your school can be involved in the project in the following ways:


22nd August - 7th September

CUW1CUC leaders come to your class for between 1 and 4 lessons and teach about garbage and environmental issues. We have lots of t eaching materials including worksheets, games, songs and ideas for discussions.

 CUC leaders clean an area of Icelandic coastline near to your school with your class by picking up garbage.

At the coast we play games involving garbage and collect some waste for the following art work. 

The school pupils create some garbage art work with the items they have collected during the clean up.

You can also invent songs or a play involving garbage that can be presented at the exhibition in Reykjavik.

Clean Up the Coastline exhibition in Rekyjavik - 16th - 17th September

The garbage art work of pupils will be presented to the public in Reykjavik. Informative posters about the CUC Project and photos of the work camps will be shown. Music and appetisers will complete the opening party. The opening of the exhibit will be celebrated with all people involved in the CUC Project. The art work exhibition itself will last until the end of September.  

Important for teachers!

We would like to talk to you about our educational input in class and  the organisation of the clean up activity.


As a partner, you can become involved in the following ways:

Becoming involved in cleaning up the coastline events.

Collecting the garbage at cleaning sites.

Help us clear away heavy or dangerous pieces of garbage.

Provide us with information about environmental issues in Iceland.

Provide us with information about sites of the coastline that need to be cleaned urgently.

Support us in research projects about the characteristics of the garbage, its consistence, its harmfulness to the environment and its origin.

Help us organise the opening of the garbage art work exhibition in Reykjavik.

Provide us with contacts to bands and other culturally active people that would like to take part in the opening of the garbage art work exhibition. 


Veraldarvinir organises a clean up the coastline activity for you and your co-workers near the site of your company!      You can have a fun filled, fantastic day out with your co-workers, involving extraordinary team building and motivational experiences. Moreover, you do something good for the nature of Iceland.

We can offer you different dates on 7 Saturdays for undertaking a clean up activity with us and your company!       

 June: 23rd or 30th

 July: 21st or 28th

August: 11th, 18th or 25th

Choose one of the dates and contact us!

(If none of these dates are suitable to you we can also try to arrange an event on another date for you).

There are also many other ways your company can help us, by: 

Collecting garbage at cleaned coastal sites, helping us clear away heavy or dangerous pieces of garbage, providing us with new information about environmental problems in Iceland, providing us with helpful tools for our activities abd supporting us financially (bank account: 0301-26-206084; kennitala: 4806012540). For any support given, we will mention you on our homepage,











workcamps 2007

Here is a list of the camps that we offer in 2007

Camp Code

PlaceDateNumber of vols
WF-1Neskaupstaður01/06 – 15/068  vols
WF-2Hveragerði02/06 – 16/068  vols
WF-3 Borgarfjörður Eystri03/06 – 16/068  vols
WF-4Þórshöfn03/06 – 16/068  vols
WF-5Gunnarsholt04/06 – 17/068  vols
WF-6Eskifjörður13/06 – 27/0612 vols
WF-7Vík í Mýrdal14/06 – 28/0612 vols
WF-8 Akureyri 15/06 – 28/0612 vols

Neskaupstaður25/06 – 09/0712 vols
WF-10Siglufjörður27/06 – 10/0712 vols
WF-11Hveragerði28/06 – 11/0712 vols
WF-12Fáskrúðsfjörður/Stöðvarfj30/06 – 14/0712 vols
WF-13Sólheimar01/07 – 13/0712 vols
WF-14Húsavík02/07 – 16/0712 vols
WF-15Flateyri03/07 – 16/0712 vols
WF-16Mosfellsbær06/07 – 19/0712 vols
WF-17Eskifjörður07/07 – 21/0712 vols
WF-18Dalvík08/07 – 22/0710 vols
WF-19Reyðarfjörður12/07 – 26/0712 vols
WF-20Sólheimar13/07 – 26/0712 vols
WF-21Grundarfjörður15/07 – 29/0712 vols
WF-22Grímsey16/07 – 30/0712 vols
WF-41Akranes18/07 – 01/0812 vols
WF-23Höfn19/07 – 02/0812 vols
WF-24Neskaupstaður19/07 – 02/0812 vols
WF-25Siglufjörður21/07 – 03/0812 vols
WF-26Fáskrúðsfjörður/Stöðvarfj24/07 – 07/0812 vols
WF-28Bolungarvík28/07 – 11/0812 vols
WF-29Eyjafjörður29/07 – 14/0812 vols
WF-30Eskifjörður01/08 – 14/0812 vols
WF-31Siglufjörður02/08 – 15/0812 vols
WF-32Hveragerði03/08 – 16/0812 vols
WF-33Reyðarfjörður05/08 – 19/0812 vols
WF-34Stykkishólmur10/08 – 24/0812 vols
WF-35Neskaupstaður13/08 – 27/0812 vols
WF-36Hvolsvöllur16/08 – 29/0812 vols
WF-38Eskifjörður25/08 – 08/0912 vols
WF-40Sólheimar30/08 – 13/0912 vols
WF-39Neskaupstaður06/09 – 19/0912 vols
WF-42Eskifjörður17/09 – 30/0912 vols

General Information about our workcamps 2007

You can find information about our workcamps in our website

Here are some general information

Sólheimar-JUNEMinibus optionThere will be a minibus option for all our camps. It means that we are renting a minibus to bring the participants to and from every camp. The participants can choose by themselves if they want to join the minibus option. The fees for the minibus will be published in the infosheets. However, they will be cheaper than public transportation in almost all of the cases. Every participant that takes the minibus has to let us know before the workcamp starts. Accommodation in Reykjavik/KeflavíkWe are going to offer a basic sleeping bag accommodation in Reykjavík/Keflavík for all our participants. They can sleep there before and after the camp. Unfortunately we cannot offer the accommodation for free, but we are offering our participants the smallest price possible.

Participation fees

In the last years we have collected a participation fee from our incoming volunteers to cover the running costs of the projects and also the overhead of the organization. The reason for this is the fact that the concept of a workcamp, were not known here in Iceland when we started our first camp. Now when we are in the beginning of our fifth season we can say that we have managed to introduce this great programme to almost all local communities here in Iceland and they have learned to appreciate the work, the cultural differences and the atmosphere that our volunteers are bringing to their daily life. We are proud to be considered pioneers in this field here in Iceland.


 Today we are ready to accept volunteers on the same basis as other EuSólheimar JUNE2ropean organization, without a fee “unless for special workcamps”. The 40 camps that you will find here below are founded by local communities, governmental institutions, local companies and individuals which are willing to contribute for the cause of a decent voluntary work and a successful workcamp. We are thankful for this and we hope that the volunteers will appreciate it as well.

  Study theme

In many of our camps this year we will certain study theme:Our main focus will be on Environmental issues so in twenty of the camps the study theme is: Global warming and new energy - Our climate, our actions, our future It is necessary to take action on a local level to help address this very global issue. Although climate change seem like a complex issue there is a wide variety of simple actions that every individual and community can take to make a difference. Energy conservation, educational programs, planting trees, walk to work and waste reduction. Those actions are just few of the possible options that we can choose from in our daily life.Iceland is also a country with lot of potentials in  so called “New energy” We want to raise the awareness of our campers and the local communites about those issues and hopefully they will get some knowledge from our study sessions. In three of the camps the study theme will be “The hidden people, alfs and trolls” and in one camp we will have the study theme “The Icelandic Saga”.       


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